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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whacky Wednesday


Good Morning! Today is supposed to be Wandering Wednesday, but as some of you might have read in the past, we are remodeling the MH, and because of this process, which is going slower than expected, we aren't very mobile right now. And though I am not totally tied to my MH, my travels haven't been very exciting. So I won't bore you with those stories.

My MH is currently sitting in the driveway of my father's house in Florida. My father will be 83 in June and has a progressing case of Parkinson's decease. In his case it affects his mobility in his legs. On most days he doesn't walk very well and someone has to help him into a wheelchair or if not too far with his walker. And to further complicate his life, the medicine that he is taking has had an adverse affect on his cognisant skills. On a good day he will know us, and will converse though he often can't complete a sentence. On a bad day, he doesn't know where he is and who we are. This is the most difficult for me.

But, despite how difficult it is for me to see him this way, I can only imagine how he must feel. To start a sentence and not be able to remember what you were saying. To have to have someone to help you in almost every area of your life. In my younger years I remember my father as a rock, a successful business man, and thougt I really didn't always agree with him, I was respectful of his knowledge and position as head of the house. This is a real role reversal and is difficult at best.

So now we spend our time together sitting in front of the television watching cowboy westerns, his favorite, wheel of fortune, Bonanza and Brian Williams. We don't talk much, but it is knowing that no matter what life takes from me, it will not take away these memories of time spent with a man that has meant so much to me in my life.

Have a great day and spend some time with someone you love.

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