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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A sign for the time....relaxing

This Indian summer weather is a nice surprise.  With the warm weather it is allowing me a last chance to finish some overlooked painting projects.   One of my favorites is  my signs.  From Welcome to our Deck, Come sit on our porch, or Scrooge lives here; each one is done in a choice of colors, white, red and black. 

I enjoy painting these signs on treated fence boards and giving them that old worn look.  To further enhance the look, each sign is stained in a warm oak color.   Hangers are added for displaying.

These signs have been a real hit with my shows in Ohio and I look forward to introducing them in Florida with my new garden line.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrifting Thursday - Boy did that feel good

Since coming home last spring, I have been forced to limit my thrifting trips.  Though Ohio has some great garage sales, I am  usually working on weekends and can't enjoy the thrill of the chase.  That is why when in Florida, the thrift stores are great. 

Yesterday while returning from getting a much needed hair cut.  I stopped at the new Goodwill Store in Buckeye Lake, Ohio.  This was a grocery store in it's past life, and is very big inside.  So I wasn't surprised when I stepped in and found wide aisles, plenty of light and lots of merchandise.  And the staff was so helpful and nice.

I was fortunate to find a couple of new items.  First was a set of Melamine picnic plates.  These beautiful plates are done in the red checked picnic design and are in great shape.  A set of 4; wow!  These are sure to be a hit on my shop on Etsy.

The second find was a pyrex mixing bowl.  Now I have a set of three of these bowls now on Etsy, but this particular bowl is of an odd size and I just can't decide if I want to sell it or keep in my RV for my use.  Decisions, decisions.  I also found several pieces of glassware that I will be using to make my new line of  yard art.

A day of accomplishment in my mind....I am sure my hubby won't look at it the same way, as we are after all living in an RV.  Hope you have a great day, and  check out my shop on Etsy; for these great finds and more.
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