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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Monday - A visit from Flat Stanley

Good morning all. I hope the weekend was good for you. Most of us enjoyed a part of the weekend with good weather and it is sure to get better. Down here in sunny Florida it is getting better every day. It is still a little wet, but the temps are great. So great I was blessed with a visitor from up north the other day. My grand daughter Savannah sent me her Flat Stanley doll so he could experience a vacation in Florida. Here Flat Stanley is modeling her hairstyle with my sister. They have the same doo!
It was perfect timing as we were just set to go off to a real rodeo. There was barrel riding, bull riding, calf roping and a lot of cowboys. Florida has several sanctioned rodeos. This one was held at the Ocala livestock facility and though some of you might not know, Ocala has proclaimed itself the "horse capital of the world". There are big ranches here for sure, and plenty of ranch hands also known as cowboys.

I was working at this event helping a fellow vendor sell cowboy hats. That was sure a hit. Along side our tent was a big bull named Sancho. Sancho was a steer from Ohio. No kidding; New Holland to be exact. Sancho and his owner were down here traveling the rodeo circuit for the winter as well. Sancho was such a mild mannered steer that he would lay down when told, back up and pose. He loved his carrots and apples. He was just like a big over grown pet. But look out, Sancho has a horn span of over 122" and still growing. Kids (and some adults) would get on Sancho and get their pictures taken. And of course, Flat Stanley had to get her picture taken. She was a little scared, so I got on too. What a great picture. Then we went in and watched the rodeo.
Saturday was the last day of the show, so we had to tear down. After that we were so hungry we had to stop at a Denny's to get something to eat. And of course, we couldn't leave Flat Stanley in the car, she came along too.
We hope to take Flat Stanley to the beach, to see the manatees and perhaps a boat ride along the Crystal River. Anywhere we go, Flat Stanley will go to. Check back later to see if he gets into any more wild adventures.
Talk to you later this week, please be sure to join my blog as I am working on a free give away to members who follow my blog. TTYL...Karen and Flat Stanley.

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