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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

I wanted to share a little history on a common decorator item that many of you may have in your home; the courting candle. The courting candle was designed and used by many an anxious father when the young daughter became of the age to attract suitors.

These candle holders were very primitive and most times made by the father or family member. They were designed to hold just one candle with a wooden base that could be turned to lift the candle up through the cork screw style of the base.

History tells us that during those days of visits by a suitor or courting visits, the father would place a candle in the holder and light the wick. Then the candle would be cranked up to a level that the father felt comfortable with. The more he liked the suitor, the higher; the less, the lower. When the flame would burn to the level of the metal it was time for the suitor to leave.

With candle light used for lighting in those days, it was the perfect item to sit in the parlour or sitting room for the two to visit. But it was never too far for the father to keep an eye. It has been told that when the father didn't like the suitor or felt it was going to far, it was common for him to blow out the flame completely sending a clear message to the suitor to leave.

Today we use this primitive candle holder for a decorative item in our homes. It is kept close in case of a power outage, and lends a certain charm to our place of comfort. The next time you light this candle, try and remember the significance this item had in years gone by.

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Love the history, thanks for sharing.

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