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Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Storm

Well, though I am in Florida, the winter storm in the North has affected me. My sister was to fly in from Ohio tomorrow and we were going to drive to Cape Canaveral and watch the space shuttle launch on Sunday morning at 4:30. What a sight that would have been, the firey rockets lighting up the sky. One would think a once in a lifetime shot huh?

Well, I actually went over the last time to watch it. My husband and I had been at a show further up the coast and decided to drive the MH down and just sit and watch it. We had torn down our display, loaded and packed everything, so we were tired, but I guess we didn't realize how tired. We layed down when we got there for a nap and didn't wake up until 5 minutes after it was launched. Now we were only 2-3 miles from the launch site across the bay, one would have thought it would wake us up just by launching. So needless to say, this was going to be my chance to see it before they are retired this year.

I got up early today, cleaned the MH up and was getting ready for her visit when I got the news. It is raining in Florida so I can't do much outside, so I will spend the time sewing on some bowl fillers, a bunny or two and perhaps some other items I have been putting off. If you saw my post yesterday, you saw the stash of wool clothing I found at thrift stores, so today could be a good day to felt it down and make some patterns to make use of those.

For those of you in the frozen North, stay warm, and be careful if you have to go out. Use this time to pick up a book or a project you have been too busy for in the past. Enjoy!

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