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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday 2/22

Whew! Finally back in the studio. The weather has taken a turn for the better down here in Florida and the sunshine just makes me want to get out and do something creative.

I just created a nice slate with a primitive crow design. I think you will like it. As well, I took an old dingy candle holder (I think you might recognize it from my thrifting post) and made it into a lovely chamber candle holder. Complete with a battery operated flicker candle. I love it.

Today, I will work on some primitive checker boards as well as some new dog and cat items. I am doing a show this weekend in Branson, Fl for a friend. It is a benefit for the local animal shelter. It should be fun and I expect to sell a lot of dog bones. Who knows, I might find a new friend along the way. Not that I can replace my old buddy Bear, but it is time I found a new dog. I will try not to compare, but it will be hard.

Well, here are some pics and hope you have a wonderful day. Until we meet again....

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