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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching Up

Well, this is a new venture for me. Just a simple get together to share stories, recipes, patterns, how-to's and life. I have taken the name of this blog from my husband. Mike and I have been married for 19 years and it seems like just yesterday. We are soul mates and I look forward to spending the next 22 years with him. You see, he fell gravely ill a few years back and when he was given a clean bill of health, I made him promise me he would give me at least 25 more here we are. And it is he that gave me the name "Messy Crocker". He says that when I cook I dirty every pot, pan, dish and countertop in the kitchen. He should know, he cleans after I cook.

I love to cook. Especially the good old home style cooking that I was raised on. The good old basics. I have tried the french cooking, the lavish meals as seen on those gourmet shows, but in the end, it is the good old fashion meals that always seem to be the best. So as one of my weekly posts, I will give you a recipe from my past. I also love cooking on a budget, so I will be bringing you some very frugel recipes as well.

Painting and crafting are is my profession. I have been traveling throughout the eastern US doing various arts and craft shows and festivals for the past 10 years. It has been a wonderful time and I have made some delightful friends in that time. So I will be sharing different experiences from the road, projects I have in the works, patterns, how-to's and show highlights. As well, I will be introducing you to some of my fellow crafters and friends.

Thrifting is a big part of my life so I will cover various projects and outings of the thrifting nature. I am currently in Florida and this is the land of thrift stores and flea markets. So look for that.

And family. We will share laughs and tears as I share my family with you. As I said, I am currently in Florida. One to do shows, but more importantly, my father who turned 82 in June has Parkinson's disease. It has progressed to the point that he doesn't know me most days, but he is still my Dad and I enjoy spending the time for those brief glimses on good days.

Well, that is about it. I hope you come back often to spend a few minutes with me so we can keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I love this site!! and its been 19 years, it just seems like yesterday you were talking about the big guy that wore flannel shirts and a super guy you were falling in love with. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to all that is coming on the Blog...Luv you both, Bev :-)

Purse Stuff - Paula said...

Hi Karen,
Glad to see you at Blogspot. Once again, I am your number one fan and your first follower.

As always,
Your Friend,
Purse Stuff - Paula

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