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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday evening,

Well, another week gone, and a weekend in the bag. This weekend was spent at Dulcimer Days, in Coshocton, Ohio. This event has been held in historic Roscoe Village in previous years. Set among the period buildings and store fronts, on the brick streets, this was a true treat. However, the economy has caused the Roscoe Village community to cancel this event, and the Chamber of Commerce chose to hold it downtown Coshocton on the square.

The weather was good, a little hot, but thankfully no rain. The breeze was good all weekend and it carried the sounds of dulicers, mandolyns, cellos, harps and guitars through the trees and air. There was music everywhere, and singing, my goodness, I can't forget the singing. A great time was had by all.

Unfortunately this was to be a selling event and though there was plenty of music, there were very few people; and fewer customers. A sad situation as it was a good festival in the past. Another victim of the economy.

As well, it was Father's day, and I am sure a multitued of BBQ's, cookouts and dinners, were in order. And so it should be, a day of celebration of Dad's, with family close at hand. I spoke to my Dad in Florida, and a little confused on some things, but he sounded strong and well. And Mike, though he reminds me continually he isn't my Dad, he was stuck working with me, in the park, with the sound of light dulimer music in the air.

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