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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sprint 4G Service

This morning while listening to the local jazz station, an interesting advertisement for Spring 4G services played. The claim is that it will allow you access to Wi-Fi for over four additional units from your phone.

How can we believe? The customer service of Sprint is lacking severely despite the soft-spoken words of their CEO Dan Hesse, and their network for internet coverage is short of their sales pitch.

Recently, while staying in Crystal River, Florida the coverage was non-existent or constantly went into a roaming state. This triggers additional fees, so upon checking the service coverage map it showed excellent coverage. Then why the terrible coverage and service. After well over an hour on the telephone, and countless conversations, from initial customer service reps to advance tech support, it was determined, that the coverage in the area was excellent and they could not pinpoint the problem. Perhaps purchasing new equipment would resolve the problem. Are you serious?

An e-mail to Dan Hesse’s office resulted in another card offered to attempt a resolve to the problem. The replacement unit could not find enough coverage to initialize. The card was returned to Dan Hesse’s office with a letter asking for some review and resolve. To this date, there has been no answer to the letter or resolve.

In summary, how can one enter into a two-year contract with a service provider that does not provide the service as advertised? What are the steps to resolve such an issue? Regretfully for million of subscribers to Sprint services, these answers are not available, just as their 3G and 4G coverage.

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