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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Call me a freak! A magnet freak.

I am a magnet freak. Until I decided to live in my RV, my household fridge was covered with them. Magnets of every type; sayings, frames for kids pictures, calendars from businesses and my various designs of magnets.

Yesterday I started working on a new line of tag magnets. These are cut out of wooden shapes made to look like manila pricing tags. I painted them various colors from prim to chic and went about looking for the perfect sayings. Here is a shot of the tags prior to decorating.
Using a permanent pen I wrote sayings such as “You had me at woof”, “The only thing normal in this house is the washer” and “I love my cat” for just a few. So many sayings, so little time.

Then the sealing process. Each one was sealed with an interior varnish for easy cleaning and durability. Letting each one dry now it was time to try to match the right complementing ribbon.

Uh Oh! A snag. I like the prim ones with the homespun ribbon, but did not like any of the ribbons that had been purchased for the chic magnets. Back to the drawing board.

The next task will be a trip to my nearest craft store for a selection of perfect ribbons. I will take my tags with me this time to make the perfect match. Then applying the magnet and all done, ready to sell on Etsy or my next craft show.

Hope you enjoyed these and I will share the finished product in a few days. See ya! and make it a great day!

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The Hick Chick said...

Those are adorable! You make the cutest items! :)

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